More than I expected

When I set out on this journey I was under the false impression you could write a good book, throw it out to the masses, and reap the rewards. Being new to this world I didn’t expect the rewards to be huge at first, but figured I would build my fan base over time.

It has been just over a month since I released my first book, All I Will Ever Need and I have learned so much. Writing, even editing the book(s) is easy, the hard part is marketing.

Trying to convince people, especially people who don’t know you, to take a chance on a new author, is a daunting task to say the least. Self-published authors end up spending a lot of time on this task, rather than writing.

Aside from the promoting, there is a whole new language you have to learn. I don’t have a mentor so some days I feel like I am out there flopping around like a fish out of water. Everybody speaking (Or writes) in acronyms that were foreign to me. WIP’s and ARC’s. Which I finally figured out are Work In Progress and Advanced Reading Copy.

Someday’s I wonder if the Pandora’s Box I have opened on myself is worth it. Then I come across a quote from another author or the character’s in my head start screaming to be written and I pick up and start again.

Bottom line, yes I would like to make a steady income from my writing and I remind myself, ‘You’re just getting started.’ I will keep trudging through the myriad of ‘How to’s’ and ‘Why you should’s’ picking and choosing the ones that fit my situation and what I want to be as an author. Because one thing I have learned, as with a lot of things, One Size doesn’t always fit all.

Everyone have a great day and Happy Reading!!!


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