Dear followers…

First, I would like to apologize for my lack of activity last month. I started this adventure with the intention of blogging once a week. However, one can only write so much about writing, editing, and the like without it becoming mind-numbingly boring.

Secondly, an update on progress. I have a book signing scheduled for September 12th at the Price James Memorial Library in Tipton. Very exciting for a newbie! I have spent hours looking at what other authors have done in an attempt to replicate success. However, I am learning very quickly, the price tag on their success (Promotion) is much more than I am willing to spend at this point in the game. Fortunately, I have been known to dabble in graphic design for my husband’s auction business. I put the tools I have in my bank of knowledge, some scraps of vinyl, poly-board, postcards, and a few other trinkets to good use. So I spent a day designing, printing, and cutting.

I am still working toward a release of October 1st for Soul Bound to Scotland. I have used three different editing programs, an audio tool, and beta readers to find all the mistakes. A process I wish I would have used on my first release, but as I am quickly finding, this author business is a process of learning. The first twelve chapters of forty-seven are complete and available to my Alpha reader. I have been focusing on removing passive voice with this book, which is fairly easy, most of the time it is, but it is a daunting task.

I have also begun the process of putting together a book I plan on releasing in late spring early summer of 2019. At current projection, it is looking to be sixty-five to seventy chapters and approximately 120,000 words. Very exciting! If you are following my Amazon page, you will have noticed I released a novelette, which gives a little of the back storyline to this project.

Outside of my writing, I have been busy. For those who don’t know, my husband and I raise chickens. When  I say that, I don’t mean backyard birds. I mean 100,000 future chicken nuggets. That took a few days away from my projects, as a lot goes into getting ready for them to arrive and getting them in safely. Yesterday, I took the day off to clean my house. As a stay at home mom of four, you would think my house would be spic and span, but it isn’t. Sending the two older of the four off to school this year has helped immensely, other than I don’t want to work, I just want to write all day. (Go ahead sing the beat on the drum song. If you are at a loss as to what I am talking about, here: ) ~Muscial Break~

School is in session, chickens are in,  and the house is halfway back in order, my chaotic life is starting to slow back down so I will be able to focus again on my editing task and writing.

Happy Reading!!!

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