And a book was born…

Let me start off by thanking everyone who attended the book signing on Wednesday. It was my first and I hope it won’t be my last. I sold some books and had the opportunity to watch other authors in action. Definitely a wonderful experience. However, it trying to prep myself for that, I slacked off on my daily editing goals for Soul Bound to Scotland and had every intention of buckling down this weekend. However, life always seems to get in my way.

As I mentioned before, my husband has a couple of his own businesses that I assist with. He placed an order for Sale bills, mailers, and signboards, not only for upcoming auctions but mailers for the livestock market as well. I also received an order for county road signs (If I didn’t mention that before, yes, I do that too.) So, I had to switch focus to a new task, because in his world, established businesses come before my books. But, don’t give up on me yet. I was ahead of schedule to begin with, so this little set back shouldn’t cause too many problems.


What should I tell you about today in regards to my writing? One question I have been asked, where did you come up with your story? So, let me tell you the story of how All I Will Ever Need came to be.


I started writing All I Will Ever Need on June 3,, 2018. The idea was born while using my wringer washer. Yes, you read that correctly. I have a wringer washer, circa 1930, sitting on my back porch. Don’t panic, I have a brand new Speed Queen washer and dryer in my laundry room that I use regularly. The wringer washer is one of those quirky things I like to do. A few summers ago, my front load washer started acting up. I fixed it and fixed it and fixed it. Literally, I watched a YouTube video, figured out the problem and was able to do it myself. Anywho, it was hot outside and I had picked up a washboard and tub from an auction. I told the kids, “We’ll just do it the old fashion way.” It was a lot of work, but the kids had fun. The joke was made that I needed a wringer washer, so I set out on a mission. It just so happened our neighbor, a man in his late 70’s, had just what I was looking for in his barn.

I drove up there in my truck, loaded it up, and brought it home. It was in really good condition, so I was hopeful. I held my breath as I plugged in the cord, in anticipation of sparks to shoot out from under it. But, nothing happened. I have a knack for a lot of things, but electrical isn’t one of them. I called up my Dad, who came right over. New cord in place, still nothing. The motor was no good. I called a Mennonite gentleman in our area who works on wringer washers, however, he only does Maytag’s and mine was a Speed Queen. I called auto parts stores and googled, but couldn’t find the motor I needed. My Dad, the man that he is, went out on a mission to find me a motor. (We don’t give up easily) Driving down the road, he spotted a washer in someone’s front yard. It had flowers in it. He stopped and talked to the people, who let him reach under their machine to check the motor. The brackets were so rusted, a few little shakes and it fell off.

Now, you are probably thinking, that motor couldn’t possibly be good. That is what I thought. But dad, took that motor home, did his magic on it and low and behold, we had a working motor. Dad came over, took my machine home to do the repair. This should have sparked a red flag, but it didn’t. I believe it was two weeks later my Dad returned with my working wringer washer, with a new belt, new cord, a new drain hose, and a fresh paint job. I laughed because this was just to appease my need to know how something worked. (see picture below)

Flash forward a year, the weather was warming and I decided to fill that old wringer washer. (Which is a little relaxing to use. I know, I am crazy.) Filling the tub, spaced out in my own little world, I have no idea why, but a story formed in my mind. I immediately sent a text to my Mom, who is an avid reader. She liked my idea and a story was born. Three weeks later, I had a 48,000-word manuscript. A few more weeks and it turned into 58,000 words.

I found out that Amazon and Kindle had a place to publish your books, for free, so that is what I did. Completely clueless. I released my book on July 7, 2018, and within the first month sold 25 copies total (eBooks, paperback orders, and direct sales.) My first thought, that was easy!!! I had another book that I had 20,000 words already completed and thought, hey, I’m going to finish that one next (another story for another time.) I did my research and realized, there is a whole lot more than just writing it and throwing it out to the world. But I am learning.

I keep waiting for the day someone drops me a one-star review or sends me a nasty message about my book(s), but so far the reception has been good, great even. Yes, it is filled with mistakes of a new unknowing writer and I am aware of that. Will I edit it? Yes. It is on my list of stuff to do, but for now, I shall let the world enjoy it and get to know me. So to the writing world and readers: I am quirky, crazy, and not without my own flaws, but I do believe, I am here to stay.


Happy Reading!!!



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