I won’t give up

When I began this journey, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing or how to go about doing it. As a matter of fact I am still learning. When I finished my first book I had a $0.00 budget, so I asked some to help me with the editing. A few weeks later I released my first novel and was over the moon excited. I though, “Wow! That was easy. I think I’ll write another book.

About thirty copies, digital and print, went out of my first novel. Several people told me they LOVED my book. Overwhelmed with the support, I continued to write. Then I received a phone call. “Your book is great. But it is full of mistakes.” So that person and the original editor went back through my book and corrected all the mistakes they found. In the mean time, I was invited to a book signing. I attended that book signing, knowing my book held mistakes and tried to be as honest as I could about it.

I was preparing the release of another book, with the same editing team and already had plans to come back to my first book and go over it again. The day my new book arrived at my house, I was given devastating news. A reader found my book to be a ‘botched mess.’ The story line was good, but all those mistakes took away from the story. I was okay with a negative review, but couldn’t imagine that the book was ‘botched.’

I opened the file to begin my editing of this book and cried. This book had not only been edited once, but twice. The new programs I downloaded to edit my second book lit up 947 critical mistakes. I released a book into the world that wasn’t filled with a handful of mistakes, every chapter was littered with them.

So, I am pulling up my big girl pants, re-edit and re-releasing All I Will Ever Need. I won’t be able to replace every bad copy, but I damn sure am going to try. The general consensus is I should keep writing, so I will. But I will definitely look into hiring a certified editor.

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