What would you take?

I have spent countless hours prior to writing, looking at conspiracy theories, which usually led me into other research. One of those topics is going to come in handy in my next book. I have compiled a list, which is below, of items that the average ‘farm/country/redneck’ family may need to buy to supplement their current stock piles. This particular family has already started “prepping” for a crisis situation so the list included is not as long as it could be.

However, I wanted to put it to the readers. Here is the situation.

The President of the United States has declare a state of emergency, not only for the United State but the entire North American continent. A group working within The Covenant Cove Church and Community has developed technology to directly affect weather patterns. A winter storm is coming. A storm which will virtually lay waste to everything in its path.

You have less than twelve hours to supplement your supplies and get your family to a safe and secure location.

Before you ask, I not only love conspiracy theories but end of the world movies too!

I want to know, if you were in this situation, what are the top five things on your list of survival items? Leave them in the comments below.


Here is my working list

Holly reads over her list. At the very top in her husband’s handwriting it says: Even if we have it, buy it anyway. We can always use it later.

  • Laundry Isle
    • 4 gallons bleach
    • 5-gallon bucket of laundry detergent
    • Clothesline
    • Clothespins
  • Paper and cleaning supplies
    • Family sized toilet paper, paper towels
    • Ziplock baggies: snack size, pint, quart, gallon, and two gallons
    • Trash bags
  • Grocery Isle
    • Crackers
    • Dry cereal
    • Non-fat dry milk
    • Dry pasta
    • 20 mac n cheese
    • Beef base
    • Chicken base
    • 25# bag of sugar
    • Salt
    • Pepper
    • Flour
    • Honey
    • Rice
    • Family size peanut butter
    • Case of canned carrots, green beans, potatoes, corn, mixed veggies, chicken noodle soup, veggie beef soup, creamy potato soup Cases of Cans of ravioli, chicken, tuna, beef, chili
    • Four instant coffee
    • Four instant tea
    • 40 Kool aide
  • Hunting and mechanical
    • Duct tape
    • Box of matches
    • 2 boxes of .22 ammunition
    • 2 boxes of shot gun shells
    • Roll of thickest plastic sheeting
    • Candles
    • A portable, fire proof, lock box
    • Four gallons of kerosene lamp fuel
    • A case of firer starter bricks
  • Clothing
    • Ear muffs, gloves, stocking caps, scarfs for everyone
    • 2 pair for each New wool socks for family
    • Sweat pants and hoodies for family
    • Flannel PJ’s for family
  • Housewares
    • Four small totes, one for each child, flashlight for each, colors, colored pencils, pencils, sharpener, drawing tablet each (each will have a deck of cards)
    • 6 large totes
    • 4 medium totes
    • 4 small totes
    • Wash clothes
    • Storage containers


  • Games
    • Four board games: connect four, monopoly, Yahtzee, scrabble
    • Cards: regular, go fish, slack jack
  • Batteries: extra-large packs aaa, aa, c, d
  • Health and beauty
    • Deodorant, powder, no rinse shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, new toothbrushes for everyone
    • Tylenol for everyone, chewable and adult
    • Vicks
    • Alka-Seltzer
    • Six totes. One for each child’s favorite items, 3 for groceries and supplies from the house
    • Four months supply sanitary products for her and her daughter
    • Mouthwash
    • Hydrogen peroxide
    • Band aide
    • Triple antibiotic ointment
    • Burn gel
    • Temporal thermometer
    • Benadryl